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Retirement is a time that many people look forward to for decades. When you’re young, you constantly hear individuals tell you that you need to be saving for retirement. However, when you’re young you may not put much stock into these words as you are more worried about paying all the bills this month than what will happen by the time you’re ready to retire.

Retirement Shouldn’t be Tomorrow’s Problem

Along with being complicated and confusing, retirement doesn’t carry much urgency for many people until you reach a “certain” age. By that time, it’s too late to be prepared for the many years and expenses that you may have ahead of you. You may have found yourself in a position where you are unable to retire at 65 or even 70 years of age because the money is not there. If you could tell your younger self one thing at that age, it would probably be that you need to be saving for retirement.

“I simply do not believe that ANYONE has the right to lose someone else’s money.”

Matt Nelson, President & CEO of
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Retirement Income Planning

Retire With Confidence


When you begin your retirement planning process, the goal should be to have guaranteed income in order to sustain yourself for the rest of your life. You don’t want to retire to find yourself needing to return to work at 75 years of age. Planning for retirement can be exceptionally difficult for many individuals, as there are many ways in which to set yourself up for financial success.

We Provide the Help and Peace of Mind You Deserve

Here at Income For Life, we have many tools available in order to help you plan out your future. No single individual’s assets should be dedicated to just one avenue of investment. In fact, you should have diversified lines of investment. When you work with Income For Life, we will help you simplify the retirement planning process, and help you find the best possible ways to invest your money so you are free to retire with no worry about your financial future when you’re ready.

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Life Insurance Planning

Tax Free Retirement With Life & Legacy Income


Life insurance is another concern that many individuals will put off. It may seem like an extraneous expense or even unnecessary, but it can very quickly become the most important decision made for any dependents who are left behind.

Life insurance isn’t for those who have passed, as much as it is for those who are left behind. An appropriate insurance policy can be the difference between having funeral expenses fully covered, or dependents not even being able to pay a utility bill.

Thinking about your various life insurance options early can make the difference for many families. There are two main types of life insurance including Term and Permanent insurance plans. Contact the specialists at Income For Life today in order to have a free life insurance review done to find out which strategy would be best for you.

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Social Security Planning

Maximize Your Social Security


There was a time when all you needed to retire was to be eligible for Social Security benefits. The check you received each month from the government would cover all your necessary expenses. But with an aging baby-boomer generation and a smaller young generation, imbalances in Social Security are causing concern over its sustainability. Additionally, the increased cost of living is causing that Social Security check to not reach quite as far as it once did.

While Social Security is still an excellent option to include in your retirement portfolio, it’s important to understand how it fits in the overall financial picture. Contact Income For Life today for a free Social Security review to determine your best retirement strategies.

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