1. Comparing Wall Street To Casinos Isn’t Fair – To The Casinos

    "Sounds like you guys are a couple of bookies." - Eddie Murphy, from the movie Trading Places, after being educated about Wall Street commodities trading. There are tons of comparisons from all walks of life discussing how Wall Street is 'just like a casino' because you can lose your money just as fast as you win it.  If I was a casino owner, I would be FUMING MAD at this comparison because I …Read More

  2. Choosing Between the Lump Sum and a Pension

    With every passing year, more and more employers are deciding to offer lump-sum buyout offers to eradicate their books from the lengthy list of pensions they are on the hook for.  Retirees and pre-retirees alike are getting lump-sum offers on a regular basis. Is the lump-sum the way to go - or is it better to take a lifetime income? What about taking the lump-sum and setting up an independent inc…Read More

  3. Longevity Decisions in Retirement

    People over age 90 are now the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population. By mid-century, this population is expected to quadruple. Many researchers currently are studying what the commonalities are for longevity and whether we can replicate them either in lifestyle choices or perhaps even pharmaceutically. Need retirement income planning help in Los Angeles? Call our team at Income For Life …Read More

  4. The Three Phases Of Your Retirement Life

    There are fundamental differences and changes that every investor must consider as they move along their retirement path.  Investing your money properly for each phase can make a huge difference as far as when you might be able to retire, how much you may save during your working years, how much income your portfolio can produce for you regularly during retirement and even how your assets are dis…Read More

  5. Understanding Your 401(k) Choices

    The 401(k) account has become one of the most popular and most commonly held investment accounts in the country.  Over the past 30-40 years, we have seen the number of 401(k) plans steadily rise and the number of pension or Defined Benefit plans steady decreasing. Employers have decided to shift and are now opting to install the less-expensive Defined Contribution plan, so we have seen assets in …Read More

  6. How to Choose the Right Investments For You

    For the average person, understanding different investment, the choices you have on the employer-sponsored plans, the risk each different options entails, etc...it's just flat out confusing! If you have not spent a lot of time educating yourself or just simply do not have the interest level required to understand the intricacies of investing, you might not be very optimistic about your own abiliti…Read More