1. New Stimulus Package and End Of Year Planning

      A 900 billion stimulus package just got approved by Congress. So what does this mean for the economy and stock market? Matt and Nick discuss the big points of this new bill, how this will affect middle-class Americans, and the looming tax bomb that is building up as we keep adding to our national debt. We will also mention a few end of the year planning ideas to help set you up for success …Read More

  2. Election 2020

      This episode was recorded on November 4th, 2020 and we are still waiting for all of the votes to come in from last night's election. It's no secret that the market is rather volatile when there's uncertainty involved. This why Matt and Nick talk to us today on why we shouldn't have our retirement plan rely solely on the stock market's performance. The guys will also talk about the stimulus …Read More

  3. Elections & The Market

      This year's election is on the horizon and many people have strong emotions and opinions going into it. It's common that we hear one candidate will make the stock market crash, while the other one will be beneficial for the market. Matt and Nick discuss how to get through volatile times with reacting emotionally and the importance of their clients understanding the financial plan they put t…Read More

  4. Retirement Survival Of The Fittest

    Have you ever wondered whether or not you would “make it” in retirement? You know, whether you had saved enough money… or whether you were carrying too much stock market risk? Are you paying too much for your investments? Do you have the right advisor? These are all pretty common questions that most people tend to ask themselves. Specifically, with the volatility we have seen over the last f…Read More

  5. Investing In the Stock Market In Retirement

    So, you’ve retired, huh? Now what? Should you keep all of your money in the stock market? How much risk should you really be taking? Better yet…how much risk can you truly afford to take? If history has taught us anything about investing in retirement, having too much risk at the wrong time can be completely devastating. Just ask the thousands and thousands of people who lost 20,30 or even 40%…Read More

  6. The Correlation Between Gambling and Investing

    You have probably heard the phrase “the stock market is just another form of gambling”, and in some instances that is absolutely true. Perhaps it can be deemed more socially acceptable way to gamble, as the amount of participants that use the stock market may outweigh the amount of people who regularly gamble. At any rate, our goal for this podcast is to help you understand the direct correlat…Read More