1. What Will Retirement Look Like In A Trump Presidency?

    What will the United States look like during a Trump presidency? And more importantly, what will retirement look like over the next four years? We're going to focus on three major expected changes and issues that could result from this election. We're going to talk about Social Security, the "Fiduciary Rule" and much more. If you have any questions, give us a call at 833-450-3062. And don't forget…Read More

  2. Retirement Survival Of The Fittest

    Have you ever wondered whether or not you would “make it” in retirement? You know, whether you had saved enough money… or whether you were carrying too much stock market risk? Are you paying too much for your investments? Do you have the right advisor? These are all pretty common questions that most people tend to ask themselves. Specifically, with the volatility we have seen over the last f…Read More

  3. The Failed Experiment

    History has proven that the 401(k) has failed miserably when it comes to providing a nest egg for retirement – for many reasons. Listen to this podcast to learn more.…Read More

  4. Investing In the Stock Market In Retirement

    So, you’ve retired, huh? Now what? Should you keep all of your money in the stock market? How much risk should you really be taking? Better yet…how much risk can you truly afford to take? If history has taught us anything about investing in retirement, having too much risk at the wrong time can be completely devastating. Just ask the thousands and thousands of people who lost 20,30 or even 40%…Read More

  5. Annuities: The Good, The Bad and The Fine Print

    Today, the #1 fear in retirement is outliving your money, and it makes sense. How do you know if you have saved enough for retirement? The fears are real. On today’s show, we look at the only financial product out there that can offer the promise of a guaranteed lifetime income stream in retirement – and that is an annuity. We will uncover the good, the bad and the fine print.…Read More

  6. Understanding Your 401k Choices

    The 401k account has become one of the most popular and most commonly held investment accounts in the country. Over the past 30-40 years, we have seen the number of 401k plans steadily rise – and the number of pension plans steadily fall. Employers are shifting and are now opting to install the less expensive 401k plans. Today’s podcast is all about warning you that you must have a better unde…Read More