1. The Fast Food Mentality of Retirement Income Planning

    It has been said on many occasions that some financial advisory firms across this nation are using what we like to call the 'fast food' mentality when it comes to retirement income planning in Los Angeles. Here is what I mean: Let's say you walk into a local financial advisory firm and you are considering them to help you with your retirement assets.  You sit down with the adviser and he/she hand…Read More

  2. The 401(k) Rollover – A Common Sense Question

    At Income For Life, we often meet with near-retirees or retirees that have a 401(k) - or other forms of Defined Contribution plan - that they are considering rolling into their own personal IRA. What some do not realize, though, is that the decision of WHEN to move this asset is not nearly as important as the decision of WHERE to move this asset. Here is what I mean: Let's say are are at retiremen…Read More

  3. The Goal Of Retirement — The Kindergarten Rules

    I am a firm believer that all of life's important things were learned when we were in kindergarten.  Even when it comes to retirement income planning in Dallas and cities nationwide. Hear me out. Think about that for a minute:  Isn't it true?  Not only did we begin to learn the basics of education, but we also began to learn how to rationalize.  We learned how to share.  We learned how to com…Read More

  4. Retirement Income Planning Is Like An Elementary Math Equation

    Our team of financial advisors at Income For Life, LLC is of the view that proper retirement income planning in Chicago (and anywhere, really) is a simple elementary math equation that anyone can do on their own.  The problem – and confusion – is not with the equation. The confusion lies in where the numbers line up inside the equation.    You can have the easiest math equation possible, bu…Read More

  5. The Accumulator vs. The Distributor

    What is a 'Retirement Accumulator' compared to a 'Retirement Distributor' — and why does it matter? Once you understand the difference, it will make sense. At Income For Life, our financial advisors can help you with any of your retirement income planning needs in Los Angeles, as well as other cities nationwide. Call us today for more information. We explain the differences between a 'Retireme…Read More

  6. The Chiropractor Stigma — The Fear Of The Unknown

    Today my wife had to go to a chiropractor, so I decided to tag along because of how many times my wife had told me how this 'back guy', as I called him, was helping her so much. I reluctantly went with her to meet with this person to see what all the talk was about and to determine for myself if this guy was indeed worth my time. My wife kept telling me, "You have to go because he will change your…Read More