1. Choosing Between a Lump Sum and a Pension

    With every passing year, more and more employers are deciding to offer lump-sum buyout offers to eradicate their books from the lengthy list of pensions they are on the hook for. Retirees and near-retirees alike are getting lump-sum offers on a regular basis – but which is right? Today’s podcast discusses the pros and cons of each strategy to help you determine which is best for you: the Lump …Read More

  2. Is America’s Retirement System Failing You?

    Does this sound familiar? Thousands of Baby Boomers rushing into retirement each and every day…pensions underfunded all over the country…Americans living longer and pushing the retirement system to it’s threshold…you get the drift, right? The American retirement system is under duress and is causing problems for thousands of people. And although we have seen plenty of press and media cover…Read More