1. Family Practice vs. Specialist – A Medical Approach To Retirement Income Planning

    My wife is a very successful Registered Nurse specializing in Labor & Delivery of nearly seventeen years.  To say she has 'been there, done that' in her field is an understatement and she has had the opportunity to work with some of the top medical minds in the nation during her current tenure. She came to me today and described how different a Family Practice physician is compared to a speci…Read More

  2. Thanks To Supporters Of AJGA Under Armour/Gary Woodland Championship

    Our AJGA Under Armour/Gary Woodland Championship was incredible! Big thanks to Gary Woodland for offering his time for a great Q&A session, for hitting some VERY long shots and for participating in a 'closest to the pin' contest with four select junior golfers. Also, a big thanks to both the AJGA staff and Under Armour. Your support was tremendous. All the junior golfers that attended this eve…Read More

  3. FREE Social Security Manual!

    The biggest story in Social Security today concerns the large number of baby boomers set to retire over the next 20 years and the relatively smaller younger generations feeding Social Security payroll taxes into the system. There are strategies you can employ to help reduce the risks of outliving your money. These strategies may be directly related to when you start taking Social Security and how …Read More

  4. An 8.3 Percent Return On Your Money, Guaranteed for Life?

    PBS NewsHour | Yes, there is a way for older Americans to receive guaranteed lifetime income that, for many of us, is more than three times the current rate on 10-year Treasuries. It is through the purchase of a Single Payment Immediate Annuity (SPIA), perhaps the least-known, best retirement deal on the market today. In finance, the word “annuity” refers to a series of payments made to a pers…Read More

  5. What Our Financial Advisors Do

    What Does Our Financial Planning Firm Do? I have a lot of people come up to me and ask me:  "Matt, I have seen you on television..." or "we heard you on the radio...", but how can we find out more about your team at Income For Life? Our mission at Income For Life is to connect you with top-notch retirement strategies and help you with your retirement income planning so when you finally decide to …Read More

  6. Consolidating Your Retirement Accounts

    How Consolidating Your Retirement Accounts Helps Is it wise to consolidate retirement accounts when one approaches retirement?  It depends on WHERE and HOW you consolidate. There are many different financial planning approaches for your retirement income planning, all of which we can help you with here at Income For Life. Watch my video to learn more and call my team at 877-284-8929 toll-free to …Read More