1. The Impact of Divorce on Your Retirement Planning

    No one plans on getting a divorce, but the truth is half of all American marriages end in divorce. When it comes to retirement planning, divorce can have a hugely negative impact on your finances. In some states, couples are required to split their retirement funds with the exes, particularly if the money was earned while the couple was together. The rules for splitting assets such as retirement a…Read More

  2. Why Singles Have a Harder Time With Retirement Planning

    The Motley Fool, a website devoted to investing and finances, recently reported on data released by the Social Security Administration which noted that "non-married people face a much tougher retirement than married people do." In fact, they found that the average single person's annual retirement income was less than half that of a married person. Single retirees are bringing in less than $19,00…Read More

  3. 2 Reasons Why Proper Financial Planning Is Crucial

    Before you begin thinking about how to start your retirement planning, it's important that you understand why retirement planning is so important to your future (and your loved ones' future). While this may seem trivial to you at first, surprisingly, the key components of planning for retirement run contrary to popular belief. Proper implementation of all the key components of retirement planning …Read More

  4. The Magic Bullet of Retirement Income Planning

    Any historian or anyone with a brain with even a small amount of common sense will agree that the 'magic bullet' theory surrounding the assassination of JFK is a bit far-fetched.  You know what I mean:  The bullet that seemed to change over seven different directions in mid-air, after pausing in mid-air for a few seconds and then ending up in perfect condition after supposedly making multiple wo…Read More

  5. Investment Advisory Fees – The Cantaloupe Analogy

    A fellow national affiliate of Income For Life was recently in my office and offered an analogy about how Investment Advisory fees are similar to paying someone to pick out a cantaloupe for you at a local grocery store. Here is the story: Picture yourself at a local grocery store and you are in the produce section - and you want to purchase a good cantaloupe.  What do you do? You do what we all d…Read More

  6. Health Care Expenses Will Increase

    Important Update For Your Financial Planning In 2011, 74% of American employees had not considered a plan to cover health care expenses in their retirement income planning strategies.  This is a key component of any well-conceived retirement plan, as health care expenses typically increase to represent a significant portion of a retiree's income. When creating a retirement income plan, it's impor…Read More