1. The Reality of Retirement Planning for Millennials

    For those of us in Gen Y the thought of retirement is just that: a thought. So it comes as no surprise that most Millennials aren’t planning or saving for retirement. What’s worse is that according to CNBC 15% of Millennials believe that winning the lottery is a good strategy for saving for retirement and 11% expect the money to be given to them. These statistics are real and terrifying. But t…Read More

  2. More Retirement Planning Myths Debunked

    In our last blog we began looking at some of the biggest myths surrounding the world of retirement planning. As we all know, planning for your retirement is now harder than ever and can be confusing for most people. With everything you must consider when planning, it's easy to be led astray by misinformation and myths. Today we're back with some more myths that circulate around the retirement plan…Read More

  3. Don’t Believe These Retirement Planning Myths

    It's tougher than ever to plan for retirement these days. Whether you're considering adding on an annuity to your existing retirement plan or just getting started with your retirement planning in Topeka, Income For Life is here to help. With so many things to consider when planning for your retirement, it's easy to be misled by misinformation and blatant myths. Today we're going to uncover some of…Read More

  4. Retirement Planning Tips For 20-Somethings

    We understand that retirement planning isn't necessarily something most 20-somethings spend much time thinking about. Young workers are more concerned with kick-starting careers, not ending them in the long-distant future! Here at Income For Life, your source for retirement planning, we want you to know that it's worth noting that the very fact that you're young gives you a huge jumpstart if you …Read More

  5. Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy An Annuity

    With baby boomers retiring in record numbers, having a retirement plan in place has never been so important. The market turmoil and uncertainty of the past few years can make you unsure of what your best course of action should be when you're retirement planning in Topeka. Annuities are a great way to protect yourself against outliving your money while protecting yourself against stock market vola…Read More

  6. More Myths About Fixed Indexed Annuities To Ignore

    Here at Income For Life, we like to pride ourselves on being experts at common sense retirement planning in Topeka. In our last blog, we began speaking about some common myths surrounding fixed indexed annuities. The fixed index annuity combines tax deferral and the potential for interest based on positive changes of an external index without actual participation in the market. Should you includ…Read More