1. The Math of Rebounds

    What is the future of your retirement?  It just might shock you (or maybe not, unfortunately) that the stock market rebound needed to get back to even after a significant loss is much higher than the loss itself, and each of these market losses were all 100% out of our control. These events were due to the actions of others, yet each one greatly affected your investments.   Here is what I mean: …Read More

  2. Health Care Expenses Will Increase

    Important Update For Your Financial Planning In 2011, 74% of American employees had not considered a plan to cover health care expenses in their retirement income planning strategies.  This is a key component of any well-conceived retirement plan, as health care expenses typically increase to represent a significant portion of a retiree's income. When creating a retirement income plan, it's impor…Read More

  3. Family Practice vs. Specialist – A Medical Approach To Retirement Income Planning

    My wife is a very successful Registered Nurse specializing in Labor & Delivery of nearly seventeen years.  To say she has 'been there, done that' in her field is an understatement and she has had the opportunity to work with some of the top medical minds in the nation during her current tenure. She came to me today and described how different a Family Practice physician is compared to a speci…Read More

  4. The Cost Of Waiting

    The Cost Of Waiting For Financial Planning If you are in retirement or near retirement, there is an internal clock that begins at around the age of 50.  It concerns your financial planning strategy for retirement, and it is called The Cost of Waiting. What this term means is simple:  What dollar amount are you willing to lose before you make a decision and if there was indeed something better fo…Read More

  5. Hope So vs. Know So

    Financial Planning 101: The Difference Between Hoping So and Knowing So What does it take to be confident in your retirement income planning?  Will your nest egg last?  Is it enough?  What about an unforeseen event popping up?  Will you have enough for the extra things, such as grandkids, travel and relaxation? It is all about 'Hope So' vs 'Know So'.  Here is the difference between the two: H…Read More

  6. Bicycle Tires vs. Truck Tires — An Annuity Comparison

    A Comparison Of Annuity Rates Read our analogy below to help you find the best annuity rates in Denver. Picture this:  You are a truck driver, sitting at a coffee shop having a discussion with someone that tells you - with a straight face - that you should not purchase tires for your truck because all tires explode. Let that sink in for a minute.  Do truck tires explode?  Sometimes.  I have dr…Read More