1. What To Look For In A Financial Planner

    When it comes to choosing a retirement planner it can be hard to know what to look for.  Because you are looking to have the best plans and protection for your money and investments, it is important that you give it a lot of research. While researching for the right retirement planning company may be a long and arduous task, but it will also be a rewarding one. So when looking for the best fit fo…Read More

  2. Income For Life in Topeka Can Help Make Your Retirement Dreams a Reality

    The plan you make for your retirement will depend largely on what you want your retirement to look like. When the Income for Life team meets with clients in our Topeka office, we want to know: what are your dreams? Here are some of the most common plans people have for their retirement: Traveling. This is by far the most common dream people have for their retirement years. Whether it’s traveling…Read More

  3. How We Make Financial Planning Easier for Topeka Residents

    Financial planning for your retirement  may seem like a luxury for many Topeka residents. After all, when you are struggling to pay your bills every month, the last thing you need is a financial planner telling you to save for retirement, right? Wrong. This is exactly the situation where a financial planner could end up helping you the most. Many people put off saving for their retirement until i…Read More

  4. Retirement Planning in Topeka for Those Who Start Late

    The best way to save for retirement is to start as early as possible. Of course, for many of us, that’s much easier said than done. Retirement planning may take a back seat to unexpected medical expenses, or maybe a market crash wiped out your retirement account and you are starting over. Or maybe you just didn’t worry about it and suddenly retirement is only 20, 15 or even just 10 years down …Read More