1. How to Retire With Confidence

    You want to retire someday. You need to have enough income to support your lifestyle through retirement. And you’re interested in how you can maximize your retirement income so that you don’t have to rejoin the workforce. But how will you make your money work for you? One of the worst feelings as a retired individual is to come out of retirement and work again, but you don’t have to worry ab…Read More

  2. Signs That Show You’re Ready To Retire In Seattle

    Retirement is something that most of us have dreamed about since our youth. Perhaps you envision traveling the country in an RV visiting every single national park. Maybe you want to whittle away your days at your lakefront property, fishing and enjoying nature. Regardless of what ideal retirement looks like for you, retirement is a goal we all hope to achieve. Here at Income For Life, we assist o…Read More

  3. CD Buyer’s Guide to Safe or Safer Alternatives

    Do you have money in CDs?  Have you used CDs over the years to protect your money?  If you answered 'YES', then you will want to keep reading.  As you already know, CD rates over the years have gone into the gutter.  It has been almost ten years since CDs were a viable option for your money.  I know that many of you have held on in hopes that rates will come back.  Unfortunately, if you have…Read More

  4. How To Create A 7 Percent Retirement Income In A 1 Percent Market

    Planning for retirement today is much different than it was five or 10 years ago. The stock market rises and plummets in reaction to events a half a world away. People are living longer than ever, meaning their money needs to last forever. Many retirement plans are simply no longer suitable for today's volatile economic conditions. If you're seeking retirement income planning assistance in Atlant…Read More

  5. Helpful Ways To Create Your Retirement Paycheck

    Preparing For Retirement Retirement is a complex puzzle of both personal and financial goals, each of which has a direct impact upon the other. How and where you will spend time during retirement is directly related to your retirement income, and how you will create your 'Retirement Paycheck'. The challenge is how to create an income from your retirement savings in such a way as to ensure that you…Read More

  6. The Retirement Shift

    A Shift In Retirement Income Planning in Dallas Retirement is a scary process, both mentally and physically. It is inevitable. Anxiety will head your way. Decisions will need to be made, and you will be pulled from every direction possible. The media and marketing types will hit you like a ton of bricks. Your mailbox will be full every day.   You will have so much information thrown at you that …Read More