1. New Stimulus Package and End Of Year Planning

      A 900 billion stimulus package just got approved by Congress. So what does this mean for the economy and stock market? Matt and Nick discuss the big points of this new bill, how this will affect middle-class Americans, and the looming tax bomb that is building up as we keep adding to our national debt. We will also mention a few end of the year planning ideas to help set you up for success …Read More

  2. COVID & The Markets

    The market has made a significant rebound since the dip in March. However, we should still proceed with caution and be wary that all of the economic effects of COVID-19 have not been felt fully. Matt and Nick will discuss how the markets take in information from the news and dive into the 5 companies that are driving the S&P 500 Index right now. If you have any questions, give us a call at 888…Read More

  3. What Happened The Last Time Oil Prices Dropped Like This?

    Filling up at the gas pump these days sure is nice. Gas is under $2 per gallon in most places and it sure is easier on the wallet – but what happened the last time oil prices dropped this low this quickly? The signs are all around us and looking back at history can sometimes tell you what is coming up in the future. Listen in to learn more about what happened the last time oil prices dropped lik…Read More

  4. What Do The Current Economic Head-Winds Mean To You?

    It sure seems like it is easier to find a ‘bear’ than it is to find a ‘bull’ these days. Talk about investors walking around on eggshells lately! Do you really blame them? After all, we are now 6+ years into the current bull stock market run we have all experienced. So, it is only natural for most investors to start ‘waiting’ or ‘anticipating’ when the next major stock market tumbl…Read More