1. Understanding Your 401(k) Choices

    The 401(k) account has become one of the most popular and most commonly held investment accounts in the country.  Over the past 30-40 years, we have seen the number of 401(k) plans steadily rise and the number of pension or Defined Benefit plans steady decreasing. Employers have decided to shift and are now opting to install the less-expensive Defined Contribution plan, so we have seen assets in …Read More

  2. The Cost of Waiting

    We often hear from retirees and near-retirees that they 'have plenty of time to make a decision' when it comes to proper financing planning for their Required Income - but what is the true cost of waiting? Required Income is defined as the amount of retirement income needed to pay for basic living expenses, such as mortgage, car, food, medical, utilities, gas, etc.  You know:  The bills you MUST…Read More