“I simply don’t believe that anyone has the right to lose someone else’s money.”

Matt’s above motto is direct and he follows this simple belief every day. This simple message has always been crystal-clear since Matt founded Income For Life LLC so many years ago – and this message has never wavered. Since beginning his retirement income planning practice in 1999, Matt has quickly become one of the leading experts in the country.

Income For Life only specializes in contractually guaranteed retirement planning strategies that are built to simplify your retirement life in order to guarantee that your retirement income will last your entire lifetime, so both his advice and expertise are often sought after from coast to coast.

Matt has hosted national webinar training as both a speaker and as a trainer with financial advisors across the nation and is recognized by his peers as well as his clients as an innovative leader in the ever-changing retirement landscape. Matt is a qualifying member of MDRT, which recognizes him as being in the top 1% of retirement planners in the world today.

Matt grew up in a small southwest Kansas farming community of 250 residents, in a town where honesty and accountability are always at the highest level. Matt’s roots come from ‘small town USA’ and he has brought those values with him today. Matt’s mentality is simple: Treat people the way you would like to be treated and be of high integrity – and his clients have spoken: “It doesn’t get much better than that.” Matt is a 1995 alumnus of Emporia State University. His hobbies are hunting, fishing & golfing, but his favorite times are simply relaxing with his family while watching a movie or a ballgame.