Finding retirement income planning solutions in Chicago doesn’t have to be difficult, especially with the help of our retirement planners at Income For Life. Our goal is to come up with strategies that will keep you retired and avoid having to go back into the workforce by following current and future retirement income planning trends. We have years of experience working with individuals of various financial backgrounds, and we’re sure we can find a solution for you.

In this blog, we’ll focus on article topics related to retirement income planning in Chicago. Are you looking for a retirement planner you can trust? Contact us today.

  1. Retirement Strategies For The Procrastinator

    If you’re nearing retirement age and are just now realizing you haven’t quite saved as much as you should have, don’t worry! It happens more often than you’d think, and it’s never too late to start saving for your future. If you’re unsure of where to start, let our highly experienced financial planner help you find a retirement strategy for you. At Income For Life, our financial planne…Read More

  2. Why Singles Have a Harder Time With Retirement Planning

    The Motley Fool, a website devoted to investing and finances, recently reported on data released by the Social Security Administration which noted that "non-married people face a much tougher retirement than married people do." In fact, they found that the average single person's annual retirement income was less than half that of a married person. Single retirees are bringing in less than $19,00…Read More

  3. Investing In The Stock Market In Retirement

    So, you've retired, huh?  Now what?  Should you keep all of your money in the stock market?  How much risk should you really be taking?  Better much risk can you truly afford to take?  If history has taught us anything about investing in retirement, having too much risk at the wrong time can be completely devastating.  Just ask some of the thousands and thousands of people who lost…Read More

  4. The 7 Retirement Income Risks – And How To Avoid Them

    In building your financial 'house', your foundation is the most important part.  When building this house, your retirement income is your foundation and it must be guaranteed to last as long as you do.  If your retirement income planning strategy in Chicago is wrong, you may start seeing 'cracks' in your foundation, which could lead to disaster. There are seven retirement income risks that must …Read More

  5. The Retirement Crisis Quiz

    It seems that practically every week you read an article about a looming retirement crisis in the U.S. That prompts a round of rebuttals denying that the problem is as large as it's made out to be. So which is it? In part, that depends on whom you ask, with several distinct camps of researchers investigating the issue. If you would, please help us by taking this short, 10-question quiz by clicking…Read More

  6. Retirement Income Planning Is Like An Elementary Math Equation

    Our team of financial advisors at Income For Life, LLC is of the view that proper retirement income planning in Chicago (and anywhere, really) is a simple elementary math equation that anyone can do on their own.  The problem – and confusion – is not with the equation. The confusion lies in where the numbers line up inside the equation.    You can have the easiest math equation possible, bu…Read More