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  1. How Your Emotions Can Influence Smart Investing

    We often talk a lot about proper income planning, and managing tolerance, or even how to choose the right advisor.  One area of finance that is sometimes neglected is the idea of how an investor's individual behaviors and emotions can severely influence their chances at success - specifically in retirement. Pre-retirees and retirees have been saving money their entire lives with hopes that one da…Read More

  2. Do You Have a Plan for the Next Market Crash?

    The current S&P 500 bull market run we are in now will grow to be seven years old if it reaches March of 2016.  That would officially make it one of the top three longest bull runs in American stock market history (if it makes it there, of course).  As thousands and thousands of people are rushing into retirement each and every day, the message is simple: "When it comes to the stock market, …Read More

  3. What To Know About Your Social Security Benefits

    One of the most common areas of concern that pre-retirees and retirees have surrounds the Social Security benefits.  Most understand that they are entitled to some sort of benefit and they are estimating that based on years of receiving a 'Statement of Benefits' from the Social Security Administration.  However, the program is much more complex than that. If you need financial planning help rega…Read More

  4. Comparing Wall Street To Casinos Isn’t Fair – To The Casinos

    "Sounds like you guys are a couple of bookies." - Eddie Murphy, from the movie Trading Places, after being educated about Wall Street commodities trading. There are tons of comparisons from all walks of life discussing how Wall Street is 'just like a casino' because you can lose your money just as fast as you win it.  If I was a casino owner, I would be FUMING MAD at this comparison because I …Read More

  5. Choosing Between the Lump Sum and a Pension

    With every passing year, more and more employers are deciding to offer lump-sum buyout offers to eradicate their books from the lengthy list of pensions they are on the hook for.  Retirees and pre-retirees alike are getting lump-sum offers on a regular basis. Is the lump-sum the way to go - or is it better to take a lifetime income? What about taking the lump-sum and setting up an independent inc…Read More

  6. How To Avoid Uncle Sam Becoming Your Biggest Beneficiary

    Do you like paying taxes?  Well, of course you don't.  That was a silly question, wasn't it?  But what about your loved ones and your beneficiaries when you pass away?  Do you know what kind of tax burden you might bestow upon them when you inevitably kick the bucket? With the proper financial planning help, you can ensure this doesn't happen to you. How To Financially Prepare For Death Unbekn…Read More