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In this blog, you’ll find articles related to all-things financial planning — tips and advice, industry news and more. Ready to meet with an expert financial planner about your retirement income? Contact us today to get started.

  1. What is Financial Planning Anyway?

    When it comes to financial planning, there are so many things to be considered. There’s different ways to create a financial plan, there’s different things to specifically save for, and there are ways to consider when financial planning is appropriate. But the biggest thing to be understood about the process is that it is ongoing. No matter where you’re at in life, taking a look at how to pl…Read More

  2. 2 Reasons Why Proper Financial Planning Is Crucial

    Before you begin thinking about how to start your retirement planning, it's important that you understand why retirement planning is so important to your future (and your loved ones' future). While this may seem trivial to you at first, surprisingly, the key components of planning for retirement run contrary to popular belief. Proper implementation of all the key components of retirement planning …Read More

  3. What To Look For In A Financial Planner

    When it comes to choosing a retirement planner it can be hard to know what to look for.  Because you are looking to have the best plans and protection for your money and investments, it is important that you give it a lot of research. While researching for the right retirement planning company may be a long and arduous task, but it will also be a rewarding one. So when looking for the best fit fo…Read More

  4. How We Make Financial Planning Easier for Topeka Residents

    Financial planning for your retirement  may seem like a luxury for many Topeka residents. After all, when you are struggling to pay your bills every month, the last thing you need is a financial planner telling you to save for retirement, right? Wrong. This is exactly the situation where a financial planner could end up helping you the most. Many people put off saving for their retirement until i…Read More

  5. Listener Questions Answered on IFL Radio! You emailed them, we answered!

    First of all, we owe you a HUGE THANK YOU!  Income For Life Radio has officially gone GLOBAL!  We now have listeners across every state in the nation - and we even have listeners as far as Australia and Romania!  Thank you for making Income For Life Radio such a success.  Our podcasts are all available on our website at, so make sure you keep checking back for new podcast…Read More

  6. What Do The Current Economic Head-Winds Mean To You?

    It sure seems like it is easier to find a 'bear' than it is to find a 'bull' these days.  Talk about investors walking around on eggshells lately!  Do you  really blame them?  After all, we are now 6+ years into the current bull stock market run we have all experienced.  So, it is only natural for most investors to start 'waiting' or 'anticipating' when the next major stock market tumble will…Read More