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  1. The Benefits Of Working With A Financial Planner

    Financial planning is, unfortunately, not always an easy task to undertake. For most of us, money is not something that is particularly easy to come by. For this reason, planning for the future and your end goal of retirement can seem near to impossible. The good news is that by working with a financial planner, you can improve your odds of success. Instead of facing this overwhelming task alone w…Read More

  2. Why Downsizing Is A Great Retirement Strategy (And Some Tips If You Decide To Do So)

    Is living in your large home where you raised your family starting to not make as much sense? You might have three or more extra bedrooms that have been collecting dust. You’re watering a lawn and heating a home that you don’t use the entirety of anymore. On top of that, as we age, it can become increasingly difficult to handle everyday necessary tasks that you used to easily accomplish. It al…Read More

  3. When Should You Start Collecting Social Security Benefits?

    We all pay Social Security taxes when we work for an employer. This money goes into a big pot that individuals, such as those who are disabled and those who are retired, can draw upon to receive money with which to augment their living expenses. There is an expectation, these days, that when you pay into Social Security, you are immediately entitled to the money upon your retirement. You paid into…Read More

  4. Annuities Explained: Variable Annuities

    Welcome back! In our last blog, we talked about the basics of annuities, and how they’re a retirement plan that goes untaxed, and pays an annual income. Essentially, it’s an investment in your future. But as the basics of annuities tend to get complicated, so do the different types of annuities. Of the many types that exist, one of them is a variable annuity. It is essentially your most simple…Read More

  5. Why Life Insurance Is an Important Part of Financial Planning

    Life insurance is an important facet of your financial planning. Most people treat their life insurance as a way to pay for their funeral expenses after they've died, but the reality is a good life insurance policy should be for between five and seven times your annual income. This gives those you leave behind a way to replace your income in case of your death, as well as pay for your final expens…Read More

  6. Why Doing Financial Planning On Your Own Isn’t In Your Best Interest

    There are many people out there who are perfectly capable of handling their own financial planning. By and large, though, the average person shouldn't be doing their financial planning themselves. Here are three reasons you should consider hiring a professional: You are too close to your own situation. Sometimes it's hard for us to see the bigger picture for our own lives. Having an unbiased opini…Read More