As an individual getting ready to retire, you want to ensure you’re in the best possible financial situation for your future. Our team at Income For Life can help you optimize your income for retirement, and we can also help you find the best annuity rates in Kansas City. From providing advice on what annuity best fits your situation to teaching you how to time your annuity just right, you can rest assured that when you do finally decide to retire, you’ll stay retired with the help of our team.

In this blog, you can find articles related to annuity rates and the like. Having trouble finding the best annuity rates in Kansas City? Let our team of financial advisors help you! Contact us today to get started.

  1. The Best Annuity Rates in Kansas City and How That Relates to Saving for Retirement

    Kansas City residents are not doing a good job of saving for retirement, and it’s putting a lot of people in danger of spending their retirement years very uncomfortably. However, before you start feeling accused or condemned, realize that most Americans are in the same boat. For most people, the lack of retirement savings is not primarily because you are lazy, irresponsible, or short-sighted. I…Read More

  2. More Myths About Fixed Indexed Annuities To Ignore

    Here at Income For Life, we like to pride ourselves on being experts at common sense retirement planning in Topeka. In our last blog, we began speaking about some common myths surrounding fixed indexed annuities. The fixed index annuity combines tax deferral and the potential for interest based on positive changes of an external index without actual participation in the market. Should you includ…Read More

  3. Ignore These Fixed Indexed Annuity Myths

    There are probably more myths surrounding annuities - specifically fixed indexed annuities - than any other financial product. Why? A lot of the confusion surrounding retirement planning in Topeka is due to the fact that annuities have changed over the years, offering you more options and benefits than ever. One of the most flexible annuities is the fixed indexed annuity: a financial product that'…Read More

  4. Reactive vs. Proactive — A Retirement Planning View

    What does it mean to be "reactive", compared to "proactive" in retirement income planning in Kansas City and across the nation? The word “reactive” implies that you don’t have the initiative. You let the events set the agenda. You’re tossed and turned, so to speak, by the tides of life. Each new wave catches you by surprise. Huffing and puffing, you scramble to react to it in order to just…Read More