Today my wife had to go to a chiropractor, so I decided to tag along because of how many times my wife had told me how this ‘back guy’, as I called him, was helping her so much. I reluctantly went with her to meet with this person to see what all the talk was about and to determine for myself if this guy was indeed worth my time. My wife kept telling me, “You have to go because he will change your mind.”  So, I reluctantly went with her.

As I sat and listened — and watched — I determined very quickly that this person was not only a professional at his craft, but he was very good. He explained things very well in a way I could understand, he knew exactly what he was doing at all times and within a few minutes, he had my wife back into shape, feeling better and without pain.

As I sat there, I began to realize the similarities between a chiropractor and my way of using insurance products for retirement income planning. It sounds strange, I know, but the similarities are glaring. Neither one of us are ‘flashy’. Neither one of us offers anything ‘ground-breaking’. Neither one of us offers something that is ‘state of the art’. All we both do is provide positive result — period.

Our Financial Planning Assistance 

A lot of retirees come into my office and say the exact same thing my wife told the chiropractor:  “Just don’t hurt me.”  We hear this all the time in our Income For Life offices because the #1 concern in America today for retirees is SAFETY OF THEIR RETIREMENT INCOMESimply put: Just don’t hurt me. Ironically, this is exactly what the Insurance Way does for retirement planning.

95% of all corporate pension plans are gone. Some are still recovering from the devastation of the financial crisis of 2008 – and most are scared. They are afraid of the unknown. They are not too sure about the Insurance Way for retirement income planning and the fear of the unknown is a frightening venture — similar to my experience at the chiropractor’s office today.

But, after a bit of education and some common-sense discussion, it came pretty clear to me that his methods work – just like the Insurance Way of retirement planning. IT JUST WORKS. No flash; just positive results.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from educating yourself about the Insurance Way of retirement income planning because you just might have your eyes opened to a new way of thinking — and it has been in right in front of you for years. We offer retirement income planning services to individuals in the Los Angeles area, as well as other cities across the nation. Contact our team of financial advisors at Income For Life today.

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