With so many different methodologies and investment philosophies out there today, it is important to sort out the good advice from the bad.  Many investors might experience “decision paralysis” when presented with all of the different options they have available to them.  Do you hire a broker or a financial planner?  Commission-based or fee-based?  Should you have your money in the stock market?  If so, how much risk can you afford?

The ‘rules of thumb’ that the common investor trends to use to help them make these types of decisions can be a decent place to start.  However, these same rules could also cause just as much harm as they do good.

Tune in to Income For Life Radio this week as we discuss the topic of the Four Investments Myths That Could Affect You During Retirement and how to “de-bunk” these common investment myths that investors tend to make a lot of mistakes with.  If you miss the live show, follow along on our Radio page on our website for the podcast soon!

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