For those of us in Gen Y the thought of retirement is just that: a thought. So it comes as no surprise that most Millennials aren’t planning or saving for retirement. What’s worse is that according to CNBC 15% of Millennials believe that winning the lottery is a good strategy for saving for retirement and 11% expect the money to be given to them. These statistics are real and terrifying. But there’s something we can all do to get Generation Y on board with actual retirement planning.

The first thing that should be understood about retirement planning is that the sooner you start saving the better. According to the same article from CNBC, 65% of Gen Y believes that Social Security won’t be a viable source of income during retirement. And who could blame them? The social security trust fund is set to completely deplete by the year 2034.

As a millennial, your best plan of action is to start saving now. Only 26% of Gen Y own stocks, and this is because even those who are thinking about retirement don’t necessarily have the funds coming in every month to be saving or investing anything. The next step in your retirement plan of action should be to get organized. Once you have started a plan with an actual fund, you need to get it organized bymaking sure you know where your money is invested. Tracking your investment is vital to building up your retirement fund.

While the future of retirement may look dim for Generation Y. With the right type of retirement planning and strategy, Millennials can get right on track with preparing for the golden years.