In 1935, when the Social Security Act was passed, 65-year old beneficiaries received payouts for an average of 12 to 15 years.  Now, however, a couple aged 65 has an 85% chance of at least one of them will live past age 85 – which means providing for 20 years or more of income once you qualify for Social Security benefits.

The Social Security system wasn’t built to sustain that long of a retirement – particularly not for 76 million baby boomers.

Longevity statistics are quoted as averages for both men and women, but keep in mind that men weigh the average down since women in modern times outlive men by about five to six years.  Not only are women more likely to live longer than men, but they appear to be a factor in helping men live longer, too.  On average, married men tend to live many years longer than single men.

One thing that is certain is that the Social Security system MUST change in order to keep up with demands.  Call my team to discuss your options – before your choices are made for you.

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