Everyone knows after talking to me for only a few minutes or listening to my radio show for a bit that I am a ‘common sense‘ guy.  What I mean by this is that if I look up into the sky and I see it is blue, then I am going to say the sky is blue.  If something looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, then I am going to say it is a duck.  It is common sense.  Agreed?

With that said, proper retirement income planning is a ‘common sense‘ mathematical equation, but there are many out there that insist on making it complicated to aid in their own personal agenda.  They want you to think they are smarter than the others, have better data than the others, etc, etc – when they clearly don’t.  Sad, but true.  So, as a result, I decided to do my best to explain our strategies in a ‘common sense‘ way – and what better way to do this than during the NFL Playoffs.

Think about this:

  • If a football team could GUARANTEE that they could get a simple four yards per play – and ONLY four yards per play – they would never lose a game.  EVER.  Let that sink in.  No ‘go deep and I will throw it as far as I can’ plays.  No trick plays.  No ‘hook-and-ladder’ plays.  None of that.  Just straight ahead running – only four yards at a time.  This team would march down the field, never punt the ball and would score 100% of the time – at only four yards at a time.  They would be the most BORING team in the history of football, but they would never lose a game.  There would be no penalties.  There would be no turnovers.  There would be no guessing.  There would be no ‘hoping for the best’.  Just a simple four yards at a time.

You may be saying to yourself, ‘That sounds horribly boring!  Who would ever watch something like that?’  Agreed.  You know who would love it?  The team that is winning and all their fans, that’s who!  If my Kansas City Chiefs could do this, I would never miss a game!

So what does his have to do with retirement income planning, you ask?  Plenty.  In retirement, the Wall Street way is the ‘go as far as you can and I will throw it‘ way – whereas the Income For Life way is the ‘four yards at a time‘ way.  Our way is definitely not going to make the ESPN highlight reels or their list of Top Ten Plays Of The Week – but we will always be standing on the podium accepting the championship trophy as people look on and say to themselves ‘How the heck did they do that?!’

Proper retirement income planning is not rocket science.  It is basic elementary math.  In retirement, the key to success is INCOME, INCOME, INCOME – and it must be guaranteed for LIFE.  Is it boring?  Yes.  But is it guaranteed for life?  Yes.  The Income For Life way is not designed to make you rich (the ‘go deep and I will throw it as far as I can’ way).  The Income For Life way is contractually guaranteed that you will never be poor (the ‘four yards per play’ way).

After thinking about it, I think I would take the boring, four yards per play option all day long because these simple four yards WINS EVERY TIME.  Hope you feel the same way.


Matt Nelson, president and host of Income For Life Radio

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