The plan you make for your retirement will depend largely on what you want your retirement to look like. When the Income for Life team meets with clients in our Topeka office, we want to know: what are your dreams? Here are some of the most common plans people have for their retirement:

  1. Traveling. This is by far the most common dream people have for their retirement years. Whether it’s traveling abroad, touring the U.S. in an RV, or cruising to a tropical island, traveling tops the list.
  2. Taking up a new hobby. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of becoming a woodworker or learning to paint, but haven’t had the time with an active family and a full time job. Those retirement years are your chance to pick up a new hobby and maybe even bring in some extra income!
  3. Making a dream purchase. Many people decide to wait to make a dream purchase until their retirement years when they can enjoy it. That might be a vacation home or the car they’ve always wanted.

Do any of these things show up in the dreams you have about retirement? Income for Life can help make them a reality. Our team knows that you want to make your retirement years the best they can be, and we can help you make a plan that ensures you have what you need when you stop working. Make an appointment with us today and let’s talk about how to turn your dreams into a reality-based plan.