Any historian or anyone with a brain with even a small amount of common sense will agree that the ‘magic bullet‘ theory surrounding the assassination of JFK is a bit far-fetched.  You know what I mean:  The bullet that seemed to change over seven different directions in mid-air, after pausing in mid-air for a few seconds and then ending up in perfect condition after supposedly making multiple wounds.  It just doesn’t make sense — and everyone now knows it.

Yet, the majority of the American public back in the 1960’s bought it — even after all the factual evidence proved otherwise.  How could this be?  How could the majority of Americans accept this as fact when every ounce of it has been proven to be incorrect?

Answer:  It is because it was on every TV set, every radio and every newspaper so, therefore, it must be true.

Sound familiar?  The majority of the country also happens to believe that the Wall Street way of retirement income planning in Denver and other cities across the nation is the way to go, even after every factual evidence proves otherwise.  The Wall Street way puts ALL the risk on the retiree for all losses — and still charges all the fees — yet takes nearly 60% of your gains in fees during the good years.  This is documented as fact, yet nearly 92 million Americans with over $13 TRILLION in assets still use this model.

So, the question is: Why? Why do so many people feel the Wall Street way is the right way when it comes to retirement planning when all factual evidence states otherwise?

Per global icon Jack Bogle, whose 60 years on Wall Street and credentials as the creator of The Vanguard Fund states: “MARKETING“.  It is on every TV set, every radio and every newspaper so, therefore, it must be true.

Think about it.  Marketing is still the key — even if the marketing has been proven to be wrong — and we are still buying it.  Don’t let the magic bullet theory ruin your retirement income accounts.

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