Retirement.  It is a frightening word for many.  It is definitely a big decision.  Can you afford to retire?  Are you ready?  Thousands of baby boomers are asking the same question every day as they inch towards the next phase of their lives.  As with any big decision, there is always fear of making a mistake.  When it comes to living in retirement and the possibility of running out of money someday, the fear can be paralyzing.  Will the stock market crash at the wrong time?  How might the economy affect your retirement paycheck?  Should you be worried about Social Security?

The upcoming Income For Life Radio podcast, provided exclusively at, will discuss these concerns and the common fears that retirees have today – and what you need to do to overcome them.  Having anxiety towards your retirement is quite normal, so let’s do something about it and alleviate the stress.

Tune in to the upcoming Income For Life Radio podcast next week, exclusively online at, to learn how to overcome your retirement anxiety as we discuss today’s most common fears – and what you can do about it.


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