In building your financial ‘house’, your foundation is the most important part.  When building this house, your retirement income is your foundation and it must be guaranteed to last as long as you do.  If your plan is wrong, you may start seeing ‘cracks’ in your foundation, which could lead to disaster.

There are seven retirement income risks that must be accounted for when building your financial ‘house’ for retirement.  They are as follows:

  1. Longevity
  2. Sequencing of Returns
  3. Inflation
  4. Long-Term Illness
  5. Rising Health Care Costs
  6. Death of a Spouse
  7. Changes in Government Programs

Each of these risks can have devastating effects on your retirement income plans – and each can be avoided before they happen.  To learn more, visit us online at and call our  office toll free at 877-284-8929 so we can help you put your retirement ‘house’ in order.


Matt Nelson, president and host of Income For Life Radio

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