Our team of financial advisors at Income For Life, LLC is of the view that proper retirement income planning in Chicago (and anywhere, really) is a simple elementary math equation that anyone can do on their own. 

The problem – and confusion – is not with the equation. The confusion lies in where the numbers line up inside the equation. 
You can have the easiest math equation possible, but if you do not know where the numbers line up inside the equation, the problem becomes much more difficult – if not impossible – to solve.

Our Goal: To simplify your retirement math equation for you by using the same assumptions that are expressed to you from Wall Street media – but we are going to present these assumptions in a way that you have not seen before to validate a simple fact: that losses hurt much more than gains help.

Request our PDF for your own copy of Retirement Income Planning – An Elementary Math Equation today. You can also contact our team for any of your retirement income planning needs. 
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