1. Why Financial Planning Matters

    Why Retirement and Financial Planning Matters We insure everything we hold value to. Our homes, our health and even sometimes our pets and jewelry. If it has a value on it: we insure it. Why? Because we do not want to have a large financial expense if something were to go wrong.  Think about this: Your home is insured. Your car is insured. Your life is insured. Makes sense, right? Now, here are…Read More

  2. Financial Planning 101: Risk Vs. Reward

    What is Risk Vs. Reward? When you were a child, did you ever own a skateboard, or did you know someone who did? Did you ever try to ride one? Did you fall? I bet as a child, you could jump right back up and try it again, right? Now, imagine you are close to retirement age. Would you try to ride that same skateboard again?  I doubt it... I know I wouldn't. Why? Because the RISK is no longer worth …Read More

  3. The Retirement Shift

    A Shift In Retirement Income Planning in Dallas Retirement is a scary process, both mentally and physically. It is inevitable. Anxiety will head your way. Decisions will need to be made, and you will be pulled from every direction possible. The media and marketing types will hit you like a ton of bricks. Your mailbox will be full every day.   You will have so much information thrown at you that …Read More