1. 20 Year History of FIA Plans

    In today’s media, we often hear about the new Hybrid Annuity products, or Fixed Index Annuity products, and how they can not only allow a retiree to have peace of mind with their retirement dollars – but also participate in the good years of the markets. I am a believer that in order to determine where you are going, you need to know where you have been. Looking back into the past can give us …Read More

  2. The 7 Retirement Income Planning Risks and How to Avoid Them

    Proper retirement income planning is difficult, to say the least. Who is right and who is wrong – and what if I mess it up? We understand. Listen to the podcast to learn about the 7 Retirement Income Planning Risks and How to Avoid Them and call us toll free at 877-284-8929 or visit www.IncomeForLife.org to learn more.…Read More

  3. Your Behavior and Why it Matters to Your Money

    If you are beginning to prepare for retirement, or you recently retired and you are trying to sort out all the different options you have, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed! After all, making smart financial decisions is pretty hard! Not only do you have to determine who is the best advisory firm to hire, but then you have to sort through all the recommendations made – and there are HUGE…Read More

  4. Annuities: The Good, The Bad and The Fine Print

    Today, the #1 fear in retirement is outliving your money, and it makes sense. How do you know if you have saved enough for retirement? The fears are real. On today’s show, we look at the only financial product out there that can offer the promise of a guaranteed lifetime income stream in retirement – and that is an annuity. We will uncover the good, the bad and the fine print.…Read More

  5. How To Choose The Right Investments For You

    For the average person, understanding different investments, the choices you have on your plans, the risk each option carries, etc…it’s just flat out confusing! If you have not spent time educating yourself or just simply don’t have the interest to do so, you might not be very optimistic. Even worse, you may have hired a financial adviser thinking they will help your investments and provide …Read More

  6. Understanding Your 401k Choices

    The 401k account has become one of the most popular and most commonly held investment accounts in the country. Over the past 30-40 years, we have seen the number of 401k plans steadily rise – and the number of pension plans steadily fall. Employers are shifting and are now opting to install the less expensive 401k plans. Today’s podcast is all about warning you that you must have a better unde…Read More