1. The Fast Food Mentality of Retirement Income Planning

    It has been said on many occasions that some financial advisory firms across this nation are using what we like to call the 'fast food' mentality when it comes to retirement income planning in Los Angeles. Here is what I mean: Let's say you walk into a local financial advisory firm and you are considering them to help you with your retirement assets.  You sit down with the adviser and he/she hand…Read More

  2. The 401(k) Rollover – A Common Sense Question

    At Income For Life, we often meet with near-retirees or retirees that have a 401(k) - or other forms of Defined Contribution plan - that they are considering rolling into their own personal IRA. What some do not realize, though, is that the decision of WHEN to move this asset is not nearly as important as the decision of WHERE to move this asset. Here is what I mean: Let's say are are at retiremen…Read More

  3. Investment Advisory Fees – The Cantaloupe Analogy

    A fellow national affiliate of Income For Life was recently in my office and offered an analogy about how Investment Advisory fees are similar to paying someone to pick out a cantaloupe for you at a local grocery store. Here is the story: Picture yourself at a local grocery store and you are in the produce section - and you want to purchase a good cantaloupe.  What do you do? You do what we all d…Read More

  4. Common Misconceptions About Annuities

    At Income For Life, LLC., we often hear retirees and near-retirees express their concerns about annuity products. When we dive in a bit deeper, it is typically determined rather quickly that the information they believe to be true is actually false — and they never knew it. Sad, but true. In this blog post, we'll go over a few myths about annuity products. If you're looking for the best annuity …Read More

  5. The Math of Rebounds

    What is the future of your retirement?  It just might shock you (or maybe not, unfortunately) that the stock market rebound needed to get back to even after a significant loss is much higher than the loss itself, and each of these market losses were all 100% out of our control. These events were due to the actions of others, yet each one greatly affected your investments.   Here is what I mean: …Read More

  6. What Happens When The Federal Reserve Raises Rates?

    There is an interesting article posted today on USA Today that lines up with exactly our views regarding the Federal Reserve and the stock markets. Here it is: Fed Rate Shift Could Spook Markets Ironically, we discussed this issue on Income For Life Radio recently.  Go check it out at www.IFLRadio.com as we discuss our views on The Federal Reserve - and what is coming soon. Matt Nelson, presiden…Read More