1. The Accumulator vs. The Distributor

    What is a 'Retirement Accumulator' compared to a 'Retirement Distributor' — and why does it matter? Once you understand the difference, it will make sense. At Income For Life, our financial advisors can help you with any of your retirement income planning needs in Los Angeles, as well as other cities nationwide. Call us today for more information. We explain the differences between a 'Retireme…Read More

  2. Thanks To Supporters Of AJGA Under Armour/Gary Woodland Championship

    Our AJGA Under Armour/Gary Woodland Championship was incredible! Big thanks to Gary Woodland for offering his time for a great Q&A session, for hitting some VERY long shots and for participating in a 'closest to the pin' contest with four select junior golfers. Also, a big thanks to both the AJGA staff and Under Armour. Your support was tremendous. All the junior golfers that attended this eve…Read More

  3. The Chiropractor Stigma — The Fear Of The Unknown

    Today my wife had to go to a chiropractor, so I decided to tag along because of how many times my wife had told me how this 'back guy', as I called him, was helping her so much. I reluctantly went with her to meet with this person to see what all the talk was about and to determine for myself if this guy was indeed worth my time. My wife kept telling me, "You have to go because he will change your…Read More

  4. The Sports Car vs. The Mini Van

    When we sit down with our Income For Life clients that are either close to retirement or are already in retirement, we like to describe annuity products vs. the stock market products with an analogy of "the Sports Car vs. the Mini-Van" — and things tend to then become much more clear. Our financial advisors have years of experience helping clients with their retirement income planning. Contact…Read More

  5. Retirement Income Planning in Chicago — The Lost Casino

    At Income For Life, we help folks with their retirement income planning. We like to compare retirement to the following story below: Picture this: You are in Las Vegas. It is middle of the afternoon and you are off the Vegas strip and are wandering through the 'old' casinos. You know, the ones that no one goes to anymore because they are boring, they are 'old', they are not flashy at all. They ar…Read More

  6. The Boiling Frog Mentality

    It has been said that if you place a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will immediately determine that the water is dangerous and will jump out. But, if you place the same frog in a pot of room temperature water and gradually bring the water to a boil, the frog will not jump out and will eventually come to its demise. Unfortunately, I have met with many retirees or near-retirees that have the s…Read More