1. The Failed Experiment

    History has proven that the 401(k) has failed miserably when it comes to providing a nest egg for retirement – for many reasons. Listen to this podcast to learn more.…Read More

  2. The Ultimate Retirement Income Solution

    Q: When does an OPINION become a FACT? A: When the opinion can be proven. Sure, everyone can have an opinion on whatever they want. There is nothing wrong with opinions, as long as they do not distort the facts. With that said, the #1 fact of retirement income planning is quite simple: Your retirement income MUST be guaranteed for LIFE. It must last as long as you do. Anything else is just a guess…Read More

  3. The Retirement Crisis No One Talks About

    If you become disabled, you may face huge bills for daily help. And, no, Medicare doesn’t cover it. When you try to gauge the biggest risks to your financial security in retirement, health care costs usually top the list. But there’s even bigger danger that doesn’t get as much attention: long-term care costs. Listen to our podcast discussing The Retirement Crisis No One Talks About.…Read More

  4. What Happened The Last Time Oil Prices Dropped Like This?

    Filling up at the gas pump these days sure is nice. Gas is under $2 per gallon in most places and it sure is easier on the wallet – but what happened the last time oil prices dropped this low this quickly? The signs are all around us and looking back at history can sometimes tell you what is coming up in the future. Listen in to learn more about what happened the last time oil prices dropped lik…Read More

  5. Investing In the Stock Market In Retirement

    So, you’ve retired, huh? Now what? Should you keep all of your money in the stock market? How much risk should you really be taking? Better yet…how much risk can you truly afford to take? If history has taught us anything about investing in retirement, having too much risk at the wrong time can be completely devastating. Just ask the thousands and thousands of people who lost 20,30 or even 40%…Read More

  6. An Elementary Math Equation

    Proper retirement income planning is necessary to make sure that your Required Income (the ‘I must have every month’ money) is safe and secure – but why do so many insist on making it more confusing than it should be? You decide. Listen in to learn about The Elementary Math Equation and determine for yourself.…Read More