“Status Quo” is a term that is often thrown around for a variety of things.  At it’s core definition, it means “the existing condition or state of affairs.”  We commonly use it as a phrase to insinuate that we are just going to keep things the same, or choose not to change the methodology in which we have always done something.  And while this is fine in terms of the route you take to work or church, or the daily routine you have when you wake up in the morning, you better think twice about remaining status quo when it comes to your investment philosophy when you leave the workforce and enter retirement.

It is hard to make a change, specifically with something you have been doing the same way for what seems a lifetime.  However, retirees beware…failing to change your thinking and your methodologies when entering retirement could prove to be a big, big problem for you.

Tune in to Income For Life Radio this week as we discuss the four key areas of Remaining ‘Status Quo’ In Retirement – Good Idea or Bad Idea?  If you miss the live show, keep checking in online at Income For life Radio for the updated podcast.


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