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The best annuity rates in Dallas are only a phone call away. If you’re preparing for retirement in Dallas, you know how important it is to ensure that your income will last you (and sustain your comfortable standard of living) for the rest of your life. But what if you live longer than you expect? Do you know how many years your income is going to last you?

No one wants to die early—but what if you’re actually afraid of dying too late? You shouldn’t have to be torn between wanting to spend more time with your loved ones on one hand, and worrying that you’ll run out of money on the other hand.

Annuities help retirees to mitigate the risk of outliving your income.

  • You make a lump sum deposit with the insurance company of your choice.
  • The insurance company agrees to pay you a monthly income until you die—no matter how long you live.

However, there are a lot of mistakes that you can make when you choose an annuity, and too often, people choose an annuity product that simply isn’t the best for them.

  • Choosing an annuity with lower rates than you could have found
  • Getting the wrong kind of annuity
  • Purchasing an annuity with an insurance company who isn’t financially sound, and they go bankrupt, taking your money with them

When you work with the folks at Income for Life, you’ll not only be getting solid advice on how to choose your annuity, you’ll also gain access to the best annuity rates in Dallas. Here’s why: Income For Life allows you to get the best rates.

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