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It can be tough to search for the best annuity rates in Boston. You feel as though you have to make dozens of calls to find the best rates. Now, you don’t have to waste time calling companies that cannot help you. Income For Life is here to help you, and we’re ready to get you the best annuity rates.

You want to make sure your income lasts you for as long as you live — and nothing less. You shouldn’t have to worry if your money will last long enough. Instead, you should be enjoying your golden years.

Mitigate The Risk of Outliving Your Annuity Income

  • Make a lump-sum deposit to the insurance company of your choice.
  • Insurance company agrees to pay you a monthly income until the day that you pass.

What you need to look out for is making mistakes on the type of annuity that you choose. Many people make the mistake of choosing a plan that doesn’t fit their lifestyle or life expectancy. This can create all kinds of headaches. Here are some common mistakes:

Accepting an annuity rate that’s lower than the market average
Choosing the wrong kind of annuity
Purchase an annuity from a company that is not reliable or may go bankrupt soon

While your annuity is in your hands, you do want professional help to find the best rates and plan for you. At Income For Life, you will get the advice you need to choose the best annuity plan, and you’ll get the best annuity rates in Boston. No longer do you have to worry about your later years. Trust Income For Life

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