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  1. 4 Questions You Should be Asking Your Retirement Advisor

    Planning for retirement can often be confusing and stressful.  With so many ways to save and invest your money, and so few ways to gain a high yield, it can often be difficult to make sure you are financially ready to retire.  Even if you started planning early, there are many ways in which you can make mistakes.  Even if you do everything right, you may find yourself wondering how you’re goi…Read More

  2. Low-Yield Retirement Investments Explained

    Preparing and investing for retirement is more difficult than ever. Where once individuals relied on pensions mixed with Social Security benefits from their companies in order to retire, now people have to rely on what they can simply save and invest prior to retirement age in order to try and stay retired. This can be exceptionally difficult for many because there often seems like no way to get a…Read More

  3. What Changes Can You Expect in Social Security Next Year

    When you plan for retirement, Social Security is a part of your total retirement solution in order to retire without having to go back to work to pay bills. We’ve talked about how there is some concern over the longevity of Social Security, however, for the meantime, Social Security isn’t going anywhere. In fact, there are some minor changes happening for the next year that can benefit those c…Read More

  4. Plan for the Unexpected, Part 2

    Previously on the blog, we talked about some of the ways that you can have unexpected expenses come up during retirement that can put a financial strain on your ability to stay comfortably retired. There are things you can’t always plan for and things that can be difficult to manage. However, with proper retirement planning, there are ways to mitigate risk to yourself and your retirement finance…Read More

  5. Investing While in Retirement, Part 2

    Previously on the blog, we discussed how inflation and cost of living changes can affect how far your money can stretch during retirement. We also noted how continuing to make smart investments after you retire can help combat the effect that inflation has on your money. There are also other reasons that it is important to invest after you retire. Retirement planning involves looking at the big pi…Read More

  6. Investing While in Retirement, Part 1

    Often times, when you think about retirement planning and your retirement years, you don’t typically think about needing to continue to invest. In fact, you think about how your financial needs and goals reverse from where they were previously. You used to focus on growing your savings and investing heavily while you’re working. Once you retire, you would think that you could ease up on the in…Read More